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Grams Helix

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Grams Helix
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Difficult to use, slow, buggy and expensive. Not a scam, but not a very good solution either.

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8 reviews on “Grams Helix


    Site is assuring and comforting, lots of improvement. Fast service and reliable customer service.


    Not bad at all. Definitely a good site.


    Better than I could have DREAMED! Possibly the best online vendor.


    Promising site! Lots of improvement. Its ok.


    I hope the site will improve. If not will not do business. Thanks anyway.


    I sent money to helix grams and they never sent me my money. I lost a lot and they have no forums or way to check your money


    lost my coins with helix. tech support says that they cant help me.
    I recommend bitcoin fog
    Classical interface + fast support that always help + long-term experience on mixing market

    Sent 288$ in bitcoin when i activate my account. Logged in and they say i have no money in my balence and when i click on contact the site says 404 page not found. Looks like they are stealing my money and got hacked at my expense.SO AS OF MAY 4TH STAY AWAY FROM GRAMS HELIX THEY HAVE BEEN COMPRIMISED AND TAKEN OVER AND YOU MONEY WILL BE STOLEN FROM YOU.