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SharedCoin – SCAM!

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SharedCoin – SCAM!
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Claims to be the ‘next generation’ of mixing services but it is actually just a scam. I sent 0.49013 btc and they simply stole it. That’s pretty conclusive evidence to stay away from this scam site

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5 reviews on “SharedCoin – SCAM!


    I wouldn’t trust the site for bad customer service. Unreliable.


    I thought this is the one site that can deliver great customer service. It turns out to be a scam.


    Be extremely careful when mixing your BTC. Lot of scammers out there. Scam.


    Scam. You won’t get your bitcoins back. Dishonest scheme.


    Not a quality site to transact. Scam site. DON’t do business on this site.